Compressed Air Dryer Products

Dessicant Air Dryers

Desiccant Air Dryers

Desiccant air dryers remove moisture from compressed air lines providing clean dry air for your compressed air applications. Range includes miniature to large capacity desiccant air dryers capable of producing dew points to -100°F.

Flows 0.40 to 5000 SCFM

Manual Desiccant Air Dryers

Manual Desiccant Air Dryers

X-series manually regenerated desiccant air dryers are an excellent choice for point-of-use applications. Ideal dryers for removing moisture from intermittent use or very low flow compressed air lines. Color change desiccant or moisture indicators show instant status of the compressed air system.

Cardon Dioxide Adsorbers

Carbon Dioxide Adsorbers

Make ultra-dry, CO2 free air from compressed air dryer systems.

Outlet flows to 320 LPM.

Purge Gas Generators

Purge Gas Generators

The Purge Gas Generator systems continuously remove water vapor and background levels of carbon dioxide from compressed air and inert gases. Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), the units can reduce levels of CO2 to below 1 ppm and water vapor content to less than -100°F dew point.

Membrane Air Dryers

Membrane Air Dryers

Sunset small, light weight, and space-saving, compressed air membrane dryers.  No electricity needed and no moving parts.

Membrane Air Dryer

Outlet flows .06 to 25 SCFM

Membrane Gas Sample

Outlet flows 2 to 10 l/m

Air Filters for Compressed Air Systems

Compressed Air Filter Packages

Protect your compressed air systems with high efficiency air filter packages. Large and miniature compressed air filter packages are available.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Clean, dry compressed air is as vitally important to a small manufacturing
company as it is to the largest of production facilities.

Economy / Compact 10 to 300 SCFM

High Inlet Temp. 20 - 100 SCFM

Compressed Air Dryer Packages

Compressor - Air Dryer Packages

Clean and dry air system includes oilless compressor and desiccant air dryer, custom designed for your application requirements.

In-line Air Dryer & Filters

In-line Air Filters

Disposable in-line filters and adsorbers ideal for protection of your compressed air equipment.

Color Change Moisture Indicators

Color Change
Moisture Indicators

This unique design shows a color change (blue to pink) when moisture levels rise. Ideal for an inexpensive way to monitor dry compressed air systems.

Electronic Humidity Alarm & Moisture Alarm

Humidity Alarm

This electronic humidity alarm provides a local red light and dry contact closure when wet air is detected. With remote monitoring capabilities.