Membrane Air Dryers

SUNSEP™ brand membrane air dryer technology is the patented membrane fibers developed by Asahi Glass Company (AGC) which has nearly 50 years of experience in the separation of gases with membranes. 

The Membrane Air Dryer Process

The drying process works by passing compressed air inside the hollow fiber membranes where the water vapor molecules permeate through the wall of the membrane leaving the oxygen and nitrogen molecules to exit the outlet as dry air. The permeated water vapor is then removed by a small amount of dry air fed back over the outside of the membrane fibers through the purging valve or orifice.  With a countercurrent purge flow on the outside of the tubing, drying is continuous.  In order for infrared or UV-based-gas analyzers to operate efficiently and deliver accurate results it is critical to remove water vapors.  Water vapors in the gas sample acts as either a physical interferant or a spectral.

Membrane Air Dryers

Membrane Air Dryers

Sunsep's barrel type dryers are used in applications with higher flow requirements. The cassette type dryers are especially well suited for installation in "point -of-use" tight spaces and OEM's. Flex membrane dryers are ideal for drying compressed air or gas, as well as for removing moisture from sample gas.

membrane Gas Sample Dryer

Gas Sample Dryers

Sunsep's SWG 35 - 100 series are multi tube Flemion dryers, designed for high flow, high performance gas drying applications. Flemion has a very specific chemical affinity for water vapor, which is why it makes such a great dryer.